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Glen Loin Caves

Difficult to find in the forest.

Me at the Glen Loin Caves
On the rock in front of one of the caves

Exploring the Caves
The caves in the forest.

Looking across the Glen at the caves.
Looking from the forestry path west across the glen.

The Glen Loin Caves where Robert the Bruce hid after his defeat at Methven in 1306, are situated about 1’200 feet North/North East of the house called Feorlin, on the west side of Glen Loin. From Succoth, take the turning left, past the forestry houses, through the gate and on to the forestry road, you pass one house on the right which was built by an ex Arrochar Doctor (David Watson). After another 100 metres the road turns 90 to the left facing towards the hill. Go straight ahead, but where the road divides to go left up the hill, you turn right towards Feorlin. Pass the front of this house, and continue on the rough road, there are gates and stiles, pass through the area used by the “Arrochar Gun Club” for clay pigeon shooting. Follow this rough often flooded road, through broom and gorse, till you get to the area marked on the OS map as “Garadh nam fear”, at this point you will find a strong hill stream coming down off the hill, don’t cross this, but instead go up the south side of it, and work your way to the left as you climb, towards the gaps in the trees, there you should find the start of the caves. The Coordinates are roughly N 56 13.243 W 004 44.266 but these are not accurate as they were just taken from a google map, satellite image, they are about 100m above sea level. The other route is to go just beyond the gun club’s area, over or through the fence, find the first high voltage pylon, walk underneath it and follow the path up towards the trees, this does involve clambering up some rocky slabs, which could be very slippy when wet, at the top of them follow the path that leads up and to the right.

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An Article in the "Scot's Magazine" on these caves, reproduced by the local heritage group for their website.

There are a selection of caves.
Some are easier to get into than others.

Slippy and dangeous when wet, good boots required.